Versatile with no Splinters

ChoiceDek's durability is suited for fencing, decks, accessibility ramps, docks and marinas.


Its patented manufacturing process produces decking that withstands the most demanding environmental conditions.

Water Proof

Plastic encapsulated wood fibers provide a water proof product that performs consistently in any environment, even submerged.

Environmentally Friendly

ChoiceDek does not require chemical dipping, preservative treatments or water sealing.

Rot/Termite Resistant

The unique composition of ChoiceDek makes it virtually impervious to rot and termites.

Easy to Work

ChoiceDek can be assembled with standard hand and power tools.


ChoiceDek is backed by the Weyerhaeuser name and a limited lifetime warranty.

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Griffitts Exterior Home Designs Inc. Images
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